Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Gods Return?

Well, no, but if you check out Ultimate Fantastic Four #'s 33 through 38
you'll find what appears to be a very well done homage.

I've only read two of the issues so far (for those who don't know, I
have this weird thing with story arcs where I don't read them until
they're complete. What's weird about that I suppose is that I might as
well have waited for the trade edition!) So far we've met a team of
super powered teens that rode into our dimension on a biological
oversized motorcycle (Forever People), after having saved Tessaract
(Orion) from the Acheron (Apokolypse) where he was a brainwashed warrior
for the evil Gallowglass (Darkseid).

I'd actually hesitated to read this because a friend had told me that he
wasn't a big fan of Mike Carey's writing, but I figured if I read it,
and disliked it, this was the time to stop buying this comic. Two issues
in and I'm loving it. I will report back when I'm finished but so far
I'm loving it, even if it is borrowed liberally from Kirby.

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