Saturday, June 14, 2008

Doctor Who

I've been a big fan of Dr. Who since it returned to new episodes a few
years ago. There've been good episodes, and there've been bad, but
mostly they've just been good solid storytelling. This season however
has been particularily weak. The stories have all seemed recycled and
the Dr's new companion Donna, doesn't seem to have a solid personality,
and that's a shame because I like Catherine Tate.

And then along came episode 8 and suddenly I was on the edge of my seat
again, not as much because of the antagonists this episode, because the
plot reminds my of my favorite Dr. Who so far, Blink, but because of all
the overall story developement that's gone on. We get another piece of
the puzzle as to who the Dr. Really is and and just a tad more insight
as to his history. Hooray!

As I understand it, Steven Moffat, one of the better writers, has taken
the helm, and if this two part episode (episodes 8 and 9) are any
indication, the ride has gotten interesting again.

I've got my fingers crossed!


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