Saturday, April 05, 2008


A few weeks ago there were several classic Sci-Fi movies on TCM, one of
them being "Them!" So I sat and watched it today, not expecting anything
very good, even though several my friends had said how good it was. I
mean really, a movie about giant ants?! How good could it be?

Pretty darn good actually!

James Whitmore, James Arness, Edmund Gwen, Fess Parker, and several
other faces I recognized. Good cast.

From what I know of the movie, I assumed it was folks chasing some giant
irradiated mutated ants around in the desert. What I got was a
reasonably well thought out story about a menace that threatens to
destroy mankind, and the attempted methodical elimination of that
threat. Oh I know, its supposedly a thinly veiled cautionary tale about
the threat of communism, but I'm not that bright, I only see a story
about a secret menace that is covertly taking over a good part of the
country and threatens to spread acroos the country and eventually around
the world.

The acting is very good in this well made film obviously done with a
decent budget.

And to really make it great, the young female star of the film, maybe a
third of the way into the film, pulls out her trusty Stereo Realist
camera to take pictures of the giant invaders. Way cool! While the
Stereo Realist is not my favorite "stereo shooter" (that distinction
goes equally to my Kodak Stereo and my View-Master Stereo), it is indeed
my favorite, looks wise as it is a real attention getter. It never fails
to garner questions when I use it.

But I digress, if you haven't seen Them! then I have to echo the advice
of my friends, and recommend this film.

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