Saturday, October 11, 2008

iPhone/iPod Touch Comic book reader

The new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, ComicZeal, has
turned out to be one of my favorite applications. The program allows
you to view comic books on the 2X3" screen. Viewing can be done in
either portrait or landscape formats, and using the "pinch and resize"
feature, you can zoom in to view at a size that's comfortable. The $2
price tag is more than fair if you only read the 50 or so public
domain comics that are downloadable from the company's website.

But there's more! Using a Beta program provided free at the Bitolithic
website, you can change your own comic scans into the .cbi files that
can be viewed on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Sharing your scan
with others though has so far eluded me. At first I thought it would
be as easy as allowing them to access my comic downloads folder using
the same I.P. Address that I use. That however didn't work. I have
seen mention that folks are indeed uploading files to the Internet for
sharing, but I have yet to figure out how to do it myself. And of
course there is the issue of copyright and just what is legal and what
is not. Right or wrong, I have my own opinions but I don't want to
argue them (again) so I'll leave that decision up to you.

You can get more information about ComicZeal at:

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