Saturday, October 29, 2005

People are best taken at a distance!

We're in a local mall. Deb's looking for some sweatshirts (y'konw, those
ones with the embroidered designs) so I stopped off at the Walden books
to see what's new (not that I'd buy books there - too expensive!). Then
I go sit on the bench in the mall to wait. Some women sits down beside
me with the newest of annoying devices, a phone with two way radio
speakerphone. So no, not only do I have to listen to her bellow into her
phone, I've now got to listen to the other side of the conversation
thanks to the horrible "tinny" sounding speaker in her phone. Sheesh!
Not only should cel phones be outlawed while driving, they should be
outlawed in public places, much like smoking!

I should have never taken that trip cross-country earlier this year! It
spoiled me for places with lots less people. The population is just
exploding in our are as we become a suburb of New Jersey. The only good
part is that the value of my house has tripled in the last 15 years
since we bought it.

Oh well, vas komma du?


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