Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Watchmen

I'm pretty sure that I'm probably the last person on earth to see this
film, just having watched it this morning. I was really tempted to see
it in the theatre, but I hate the theatre anymore (actually I just
dislike the ignorant people with no courtesy, in the theatre), so I
waited for the DVD. I didn't buy the extended version, nor will I
probably bother with the special version that's rumored to be coming
out later this year. I wanted to see it as presented in the theatre, I
wanted to see what everyone was whining about.

It was suggested to me that I go back and read the book before
watching it, but I thought, "why?" I had no intention of judging it
based on the book, and if I won't understand it without reading the
book (as some have suggested) then it's certainly not going to be a
good film! I've heard that it was good, bad, too long, too slow,
departs from the book too much, the whole movie focus' on Dr.
Manhattan's penis, the music was all wrong, and all kinds of other
things. I heard so much I almost didn't want to watch it because it
seemed like I'd already seen it.

Truth is, I liked it. There are a few things I wonder about, like why
did the filmakers decide to make the 40's costumes look so chintzy?
But all in all I really like it. At a little over two and a half hours
it seemed the right length (although I had the advantage of the pause
button so I could get up and go pee without missing anything). The
music? Hey! It's "my" music, no complaints there, I thought it well
used for setting the times and the emotions. I thought all the actors
were fine, in particular Jackie Earle Haley, his last scene was really

Maybe if I'd read the book before watching I'd have nitpicked a bit
more, who knows, but I thought the film did it's job and I'm delighted
to have a "superhero" movie I can recommend to people.


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