Monday, January 21, 2008

Hit And Run

So I'm sitting in the parking lot while my wife runs into the local
fabric store. I hear this clunk behind me and see the van behind me
rocking, and a car pulling into the spot next to it, that's obviously
hit it. I watch while the woman driving gets out and inspects HER bumper
before going to see what damage she's done. I then see another woman
walk up and they are talking and looking at the bumper. The second woman
walks off and the first gets back into her car.

So I'm assuming that the woman who hit the car is leaving a note, but
five minute go by and she pulls out! I see her move up and park in
another spot. Well, this bothers! So I get out and gander at the bumper
but I see no damage. I get back in the car and a few minute later I see
the second lady walking around the parking lot as if she's looking for
something. And then it dawns on me! The mirror had thrown me off and I
looked at the wrong bumper. So I get out and indeed the other bumper is
damaged. Well, now I'm realy mad (bear in mind that a month after we got
our mini-van some nitwit bounced off it and the bumper has a big old
dent in it!) and I crawl back into the car to look for a pen to write
down the license number of the car which had moved up a little. But I
can't find it! I swear it was dark red, but there's no dark red car!

As I'm standing in the parking lot trying to figure out what to do, the
second lady comes up and asks if I saw the first hit the van? I said
yes, and explain what I've explained above and that I could kick myself
for not getting the license number. But she has the number! So, we call
911, and I get interrogated by the officer on the phone who finally says
he's sending an officer, can we wait?

My wife comes out of the fabric store and points out that there's a
liquor store next door, and that was possibly the woman's destination!
well, of course we'll never know but she sure drove like she'd had a
few. So the second lady introduces herself, lets call her Jane. Jane
says she walked up and asked the woman what happened, and had she hit
the van?

The first woman looks at her indignantly and says, "well, I did more
damage to MY car than that one!" like that makes a difference?! What a

So now I'm glad we called the police who finally show up like 15 minutes
later. We give all out information and he says thank you and that
they'll call her cel phone and make her come back.

The next day I get a call from the woman who's van was hit saying thank
you. She worked in the store and had no idea until a couple hours later
what had happened. The police had not been able to get the hit and run
driver on her cell phone so they had sent her regional police to cite

Just hope I don't have to go to court over this!

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I REALLY hate...

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