Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin

Any of you old-timers that aren't reading this... well, you should be!
This story takes place during the short time that Iron Man had the
pointy mask suit (Ditko design?), the first of the streamlined suits.

The story involves Iron Man's first meeting with the Mandarin. It also
has all the elements that slowly got lost over the years, the elements
that I think made the story good. We have Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts
playing important roles in the story. Pepper's in love with Tony,
Happy's in love with Pepper, and Tony's... well... Tony's that aloof guy
that he was in the early days.

The art on the book has a very dynamic feel to it and the layout and
storytelling abilities of the artist are certainly above par, but at the
same time he's able wow you with his art.

There are three issues out so far. I'm buying it as seprate issues but
I'm sure I'll end up buying the trade as well!

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