Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hammer Horror Double Feature

Woke up with a sinus headache, Deb is working, so I decided to just take
it easy and watch some movies. First up was Revenge of Frankenstein, the
sequel to Hammer's Curse of Frankenstein, and then The Mummy, the first
of Hammer's Mummy series.

Revenge of Frankenstein is a sequel to the 1957 Curse of Frankenstein,
indeed it takes up where the first one ends off, starting out with
Victor Frankenstein walking to the guillotine. He's rescued by
hunchbacked man named Carl (thought I was going to say Igor, didn't you!
I was as surprised as anyone.)

Three years later we find Dr. Frankenstein posing as a Dr. Stein, and
operating a clinic. One would think he'd finally reformed, but then, one
would be wrong. Joined by another doctor who has recognized Frankenstein
for who he truely is, and wants to assist him, In secret he's still
working on his experiments, having refined them to the point that he's
ready to try again. Its here that the story departs from any we've seen
filmed before, in that the monster is not the hulking brute, but a much
more subtle evil. Well worth the watching, although I would suggest
viewing Curse of Frankenstein first (not necessary, but suggested).

The Mummy is, as far as I can tell, a pretty faithful adaptation of the
original, I guess I should say, remake. Cushing is his normal excellent
self, and Christopher Lee as Kharis the mummy, is much more expressive
than Boris Karloff was in the original. An excellent watch.

The main thing that impresses me about the Hammer films is their
quality. I'd remembered the films as being cheaply produced, and indeed,
according to what I've read the budgets were indeed low, but you
wouldn't know it by watching the films.

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